OTTAR Jobformidling

Jobformidlingen for students

The aim of Jobformidlingen (the Job Mediation) is to give Ottar's members the possibility to apply for jobs during their education posted by i.e. museums.

The aim is to make it easy and fast for museums to contact competent students when they are looking for student assistants, whilst at the same time helping the students get started within the archaeological professional world even before they graduate.

All jobs with archaeological relevance are communicated, both long-term as well as short-term and emergency positions such as student assistans, excavation etc. However, please note that we will not communicate unpaid work positions.

The jobs are mediated on the Facebook group OTTAR Jobformidling. All Ottar members can get access to Jobformidlingen just by applying for membership in the Facebook group.

Jobformidlingen for Museums

Through Jobformidlingen the museums get easier access to seek emplyoees amongst the students, regardless of scope and duration. This happens by contacting the responsible for Jobformidlingen, who in turn will convey the position information to Ottar's members through the Facebook group. For contact information, see the bottom of the page.

The museums are also able to directly post jobs or contact students by joining the Facebook group OTTAR Jobformidling.

As an emplyer the museums can also make use of the excavation list. The excavation list (gravelisten) provides an overview over the excavation experience of the students, specified in weeks. The members of Ottar are automatically added to the list by joining the society, and the amount of experience gets updated on a yearly basis. The students with the most experience in excavation are then first to be taken into consideration for job postings relating to excavation.


Contact us through the formula below or write directly to the contact person for Jobformidlingen using the following contact details:

Responsible for Jobformidlingen

Iben Kragelund Hjort


Contact formula